Topic: Research methodology

Professor Ahmed has a special interest in research methods and has written about mixed-method research designs, the position of historical analysis within the social sciences, and comparative area studies.

Published Work

What Can We Learn from History?: Competing Approaches to Historical Methodology and the Weberian Alternative of Reflexive Understanding” Polity, 54(4) (October 2022).  link

“The Utility of a Comparative Area Studies framework for Historical Analysis” Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Forthcoming Vol. 18. No 1.

“Multi-Method Research and Democratization Studies: Intellectual Bridges Among Islands of  Specialization”Democratization, Vol 26:1 (2018) 97-139).

“When Multi-Method Research Subverts Methodological Pluralism: Or Why We Still Need Single Method Research” with Rudra Sil, Perspectives on Politics (December 2012)10.4: 935-953.

“Is Multi-Method Research Really Better?” with Rudra Sil, Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Section Newsletter, Fall 2009.

In Progress Work

“The Commensurability Question: The U.S. in a Comparative Area Studies Framework” with Fatih Cetin (Article manuscript)

 “Comparative Historical Analysis and Comparative Area Studies” (Invited Article Manuscript)

“History as Method: Competing Approaches to Historical Methodology and the Search for a Middle Ground” (Article Manuscript)